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Episode 20 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos!

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Q. Can you teach me how to use the stage block technique? The one you did in episode 18 at 3:41?

A. Sure. The blocking part is quite simple as you just have press A when you see the ‘input’ symbol. It doesn’t require as much precision as the ‘stage fixing’ method but is a lot easier to do. Stage fixing by pressing the B button when the ‘input’ symbol appears requires precise timing and can be considered a bit more risky. Practice is your best friend here, try some battle mode sessions and fail your stage inputs on purpose in order to give yourself a reason to train your stage blocking/fixing skills.

Q. I’ve been trying to get V-Ball Crash and the Ult. Kameha for the longest time. I’ve heard they can be unlocked via Story Mode by beating the game without losing once… do these methods work?

A. Yes that is the best way to get those cards, but you can also get them in battle mode. The correct method is to ‘keep pressing Start at the family picture’ portion of the credits scene. If successful you should get a notification saying you obtained the new card.

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Episode 19 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos! 

Photo 6 Feb 14 notes Yahoo! The DBZ:LSW blog turned two years old today. Thanks for following!

Yahoo! The DBZ:LSW blog turned two years old today. Thanks for following!

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Episode 18 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos!

Text 3 Jan Questions and Answers (FAQ part 3)

It’s that time again! Let’s answer some more of your queries:

Q. My card names and descriptions are different. The dialogue is different too, what is going on?

A. The European and American versions of the videogame were translated by different teams. As such there are differences between attack names and dialogue. Game mechanics remain unchanged between versions.

Q. I can’t seem to use the Special Card…

A. Special Card is a ‘joke card’ and as such as no actual function within the game. It might be nice to have in your library but don’t take it to battles.

Q. Is it true that there is a cheat that means you will never die?

A. By using a Gameshark code you can activate several cheats such as infinite HP, infinite CC or team battles. If you want to try them out there are some on SSJ Dennis’ FAQ on the website GameFAQs. 

Q. Is Feint/Reading Ki a useful card?

A. Yes, it can significantly boost your accuracy with certain moves. Best used for ones that have a low chance of hitting such as Recoome’s RFB attack.

Q. What does Stop Device do?

A. Stop Device is a special card that will destroy Androids in a single go. There are a few drawbacks however: Firstly it costs 21cc which is not exactly cheap and secondly there is a chance the enemy may move away and the attempt will fail. You also only have a maximum of 3 in you deck so you will struggle to use it in tag battles. If you are playing as an Android you cannot equip or use Stop Device.

That’s it for now, keep those questions coming!

Photo 20 Dec 2 notes From the LSW moderators and everyone who is on our Tumblr and Facebook pages… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

From the LSW moderators and everyone who is on our Tumblr and Facebook pages… Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Episode 17 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos!

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Anonymous asked: Can we "hack" this game or modify content in it? I really would like to start a project to improve this game.

For those who don’t know, there exist ‘ROM Hacks’ which are modified versions of existing videogames. For example there is a mod of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game which swaps Sonic for Knuckles complete with gliding ability.

There are several problems with editing or hacking an existing ROM. Firstly, it is quite difficult to do. Game files are not meant to be edited which means that unless you have the right software they are unreadable. Even if you could read them it would take time to discover how to edit parts of the game. There are some things only the developers know.

Game ROMs also have a restriction in memory. Say for example the game is on a 8-bit cartridge, there is only so much data you can add to the game before the system or media runs out of memory and can’t cope with the additional data.

There is not much free space in Legendary Super Warriors left for additional characters. At best you might have one or two extra characters but they would most likely have to use the cards already programmed into the game. Then there would be other factors such as selecting the character and knowing how to associate attacks with that character and so on.

It would be far simpler to create a remake or reboot of this game using modern programming tools. Budokai X and Devolution are two good examples of this. The only significant changes you could make to LSW would be to hack/edit the game textures or activate cheats.

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Episode 16 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos!

Text 8 Nov Questions and Answers (FAQ part 2)
Alright, I’m back with some more answers to your queries, so here we go!

Q: Can you make your own card in DBZ LSW?
A: Unfortunately creating cards is not one of the features of this game. Great idea though, I would have loved to customize the cards, like when you can alter spells in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind or even the capsule system from Dragonball Z Budokai.

Q: What happens when you have all the cards?
A: Nothing. On the plus side you’ll have a full array of cards which you can use to defeat your opponents. Having at least three or four of the same card can be quite powerful, particular the non character-specific cards.

Q: Can you edit the stage attack in the Command option?
A: No you cannot. To ensure you always have one attack available, the 3 stage attack card (and 4 stage attack card when powered up) cannot be removed or edited in any way.

Note: There’s no reason why you can’t put 5 or 6 stage cards in your limits and use them while powered up. You can also put stage attack cards in your deck too.

Q: Can Ginyu swap bodies in battle?
A: While Ginyu has a Body Change attack, it is purely used to do damage to your opponent and does not swap bodies like in the show. Presumably he changes into them, does damage and then change back. Blame the limitations of the hardware for this one.

Q: Does VS mode work without another player?
A: You can’t do VS mode like in a typical fighting game where you pick your opponent, but there is a Battle Mode with random opponents. If you want to fight someone specific, like Second-Form Cell then you’ll want to use your characters second forms, for example Super Saiyan Vegeta or Super Saiyan Goku.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more of your questions answered!

Text 26 Oct Questions and Answers (FAQ part 1)

It’s been a while since the last time any questions were answered, so here are a few answers to problems that come up time and time again.

Q: How many slot limits do you have per character?
A: For most of the characters, you have 3 slots which you can assign cards to. Usually it’s stage card + beam + melee attack but you can have whatever combo you like, just remember that you cannot put item cards on your limits (and you have to be charging up to use those cards). Note: Android 19 and Android 20 only have 2 custom slots. This is due to their Life Absorption techniques.

Q: I’ve equipped a card to my character’s limits, where has it gone?
A: There is one important thing to remember. When you equip a card to a character’s limit, it will still be there until you remove it. If you do not remove it then it cannot be used on any other character. If it’s a card anyone can use like Kamehameha, be sure to remove the card from the character’s limits if you want to use it in the deck or give it to another character.

Q: What level can you go up to in LSW?
A: Each character can go up to level 5. It can take quite a long time to go from level 4 to level 5. In order to achieve level 5 you need 500 xp in total.

Q: What is the best way to level up?
A: Battle Mode is a good idea since you also gain access to new cards that you won’t find in story mode. Replaying story mode is good if you’re missing a lot of the basic cards or would like to fight a mix of opponents (There’s no reason not to use super forms against the enemies in the Freeza saga).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more of your questions answered!

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Episode 15 of my DBZ LSW Let’s Play videos!

Video 7 Oct 1 note

Audio time! Here’s another chance to listen to my recording for the Kanzenshuu podcast. 

Don’t forget to visit their website if you want to hear the full length version!

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Dragonball Z Games Week

Even though Legendary Super Warriors is a great Dragonball Z game, there are many other games which are fantastic in their own way. So it’s with my pleasure that I’d like to share with you a special collection of games which I have played over the years and what I think of them individually. Enjoy!

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